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Beautiful 18th Century Silver Wine Taster (Tasse du Vin) c. 1741

A particularly good quality heavy gauge solid silver French wine taster
10cm wide, 7.5cm deep, 2cm high
Full Description
The beautiful plain bowl and entwined serpent handle which doubles as hook for hanging up or wearing on a chain.

Weight 76 grams, 2.44 troy ounces.

Stamped to base and to handle with French silver marks including gothic letter E below elaborate crown date mark for 1741.

Rim engraved with original owner’s name – I. Royche

Condition is excellent and original throughout.

These saucer shaped wine tasters have been found in archaeological digs in all early wine producing countries, the earliest in silver dating from late Roman and 13th century Minoan periods. The shape allows the wine tester to accurately judge clarity and colour of the wine, the bouquet and the taste. The looped handle allowed the taster to be worn on a neck cord and frequently the owners would engrave their names onto their taster – as here.