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Beautiful Regency Burr Yew and Brown Oak Jewellery Casket c. 1820

This is a very fine burr yew jewellery casket
12.5 inches wide, 6.5 inches deep and 7 inches high.

For metric please multiply by 2.5
Full Description
Originally a Regency tea caddy, my restorer has worked on this for many months and has made this exquisite work of art. The inner figured brown oak compartment is made by hand and the whole interior is lined in natural chamois leather. There is a working original lock and key and the brass feet are very fine and shaped like overlapping petals.

In the 18th and early 19th Century, tea was so expensive and so desirable that it was kept under lock and key in very fine high quality boxes such as this. The price of these boxes, often made from the most expensive and most exotic timbers, reflected the high value of the intended contents.

Most tea caddies had two compartments and a central glass mixing bowl for combining different loose leaf teas to create the most desired flavours of the day.

Two hundred years later tea is generally bagged and inexpensive and so these original, early tea caddies are no longer used for their original purpose. To see one brought beautifully back to life and purpose in a traditional hand crafted way is a happy thing indeed.

A beautiful box which would make a wonderful present.

The full proceeds from the sale will go to my restorer who has more than 50 years experience working on national museum and private collections of furniture and who is a rare and highly skilled individual.