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Early 17th Century Oak Livery Cupboard Carved with Cherubim

A beautiful 17th Century oak wall livery cupboard
c. 1630
28 inches wide, 8 inches deep, 33 inches high.

For metric please multiply by 2.5
Full Description
A beautiful 17th Century oak wall livery cupboard, superbly carved in the solid with openwork to allow for ventilation. 'Livery' refers to the nightly ration of bread and candles etc., that would be portioned out to the family of a household. "Dole" cupboards (for rations doled out), 'Mural' and 'Aumbry' are terms used in different centuries for the same style of food cupboard. The openings would originally have been backed with a coarse cloth - allowing air through and keeping vermin out.

This is a particularly high status example, superbly carved with cherubim nestled in foliage, each holding a tripartite orb. The flanks of the cupboard carved with eagles resting on foliate scrolls and the cornice carved with a lion. Original thumb turns.

In complete and original condition with a rich natural colour and patina.

Low countries c. 1630