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Good 17th Century Oak Wall Hung Figural Livery or Spice Cabinet

A thoroughly charming and rarely seen cabinet
17th Century
31.5 inches wide, 11 inches deep and 36 inches high.

For metric please multiply by 2.5
Full Description
A lovely and early oak livery or spice cabinet of larger than usual proportions. The interior with five drawers, each with brass ring handles which appear to be original and above these a set of pigeon holes with original oak partitions. Two of these are missing.

The drawer linings are original and the doors have fielded and beautifully carved panels with a male and female figure in the medieval manner against a punched and chip carved ground and standing within architectural arches – perhaps depictions of the original owners of the cabinet. Above is the man is a stylised rose panel and above the woman, a beautifully carved tulip panel.

The hinges and lock are earlu but later. The cabinet originally had strap T shaped hinges which were fixed on the outer surface of the side panels. The lock is iron and probably early 19th century. Peg jointed and with a beautifully rich mellow colour.

Dents, marks, chips and losses to the interior. Primarily original but with alterations and later elements.

A thoroughly charming and rarely seen cabinet, high quality and well carved, intended to be wall hung and with brass fixings to the backboards. Practical, usable and beautiful.