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In the manner of Joseph Mallord William Turner, Harbour in Venice, 1830s

A small early 19th century oil on panel
Early 19th Century
Dimensions of the panel: 12.75 inches wide by 6.25 inches high.

Dimensions of the frame: 19.75 inches wide by 13.25 inches high.

For metric please multiply by 2.5
Full Description
A small early 19th century oil on panel, unsigned, in the manner of JMW Turner and in a good quality period giltwood frame which appears to be the original frame.

The paint thickly applied and with rapid confident stokes, beautifully capturing the light evening sky and reflected in the water below, setting a warm and mellow tone to the buildings, figures and gondolas very life-like despite little specific detailing.

Turner made three trips to Venice and painted the San Giorgio Maggiore on numerous occasions - usually from a distance looking along the grand canal. This painting is from an unusual angle mid way across the canal.

No provenance or attribution can be provided but an interesting and very good painting nevertheless with considerable age.

The painting with craquelure to the surface and minor marks, the frame with some small losses and scuffs.