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Lions Paw George III Mahogany Dining Table c. 1810

This is the finest quality solid mahogany Georgian table that we have seen in decades
c. 1810
28 inches high, 41 inches wide and 60 inches long.

c.65 inches high when top is tilted.

For metric, please multiply each inch by 2.5
Full Description
This is the finest quality solid mahogany Georgian table that we have seen in decades and it is in exemplary original condition having come from a private country estate where it has been looked after for many generations. Details of provenance will be supplied to the purchaser.

The table is very heavy and robust and was made by hand in around 1810.

The deep solid mahogany top with shaped bullnose edge and with lovely rich colour and no damage or significant dents or marks. This is superb quality mahogany, beautifully grained and having developed a wonderful rich colour.

Seating six very comfortably and eight depending on the width of your chairs (and guests) and with plenty of knee and leg room.

The top can be tilted when the table needs to be put out of the way - or to hoover beneath! - and the mechanism is original. The table top, though heavy, tilts smoothly upward and is so perfectly balanced when tilted that it has to be given a good pull to bring it back down to level again - so no chance of it falling over. Georgian craftsman had had generations of experience to understood the physics of these mechanisms and the base is so weighty that the table is completely sturdy whether tilted or level.

When in use the top does not 'see-saw' on the column, it is completely rigid even when you lean on one end.

The supporting column is deeply fluted and increases in girth to a stepped and shaped circle of solid mahogany. The four down curved legs are reeded and channel carved and have acanthus carved hips. Each terminates in a large and superbly executed lion paw with claws, over sunken original brass caster.

Condition: exemplary original condition with no restoration, damage or repairs and no significant dents or marks.