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Mystery 18th Century Carved Limestone Angels

A very interesting and beautiful pair of limestone figures in the medieval gothic manner
18th Century
Height of each angel is 87cm
Full Description
These large and beautiful limestone carved figures of winged angels came to me from a gentleman in Amsterdam. They belonged to his parents and before this to his grandparents but he does not know where they came from originally.

They have considerable age in my opinion and are heavily weathered despite being placed out of the weather for most of the last century. In form they appear to be late medieval and there is something particularly attractive in their proportions which resonates with an early period but I have dated these conservatively at 18th Century.

Each face carved with individuality, sensitivity and personality, the angels both have large and well defined hands, expansive flowing robes and each carries a buisine (the medieval straight trumpet) which was used to herald the arrival of angels and can be seen in carvings and illuminated texts from the 11th century onwards. Their feathered wings are folded back and their heads bowed.

I believe these statues are of French origin. The stone is extremely hard, dense finely grained and creamy white and is possibly Caen Limestone.

I would be pleased to hear from anyone with greater knowledge than I possess as my specialism is 18th Century furniture.

Exceptionally heavy, each angel requires two or more strong people to lift it.

Some old chips, losses and depletions as shown in our photographs and both angels are weathered

A very interesting and beautiful pair of limestone figures in the medieval gothic manner.