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Original Charles II Oak Chest of Small Proportions c. 1670

A very good 17th Century chest of drawers with excellent colour and deep natural patina
c. 1670
35 inches wide, 31 inches high, 19.5 inches deep.

Drawers from top down (internal height) = top, 3 inches, second, 7 inches, third 7.5 inches.

For metric, please multiply all inches by 2.5
Full Description
The chest very heavy and well made and of small attractive proportion. The drawers on rebated runners with all original drawer linings and of correct construction for period. Handles of correct proportion with solid heavy brass drops and star backplates and in correct/original holes and with soft wear having been on the chest for many decades.

Fielded panelled sides, heavy original oak boards and original mouldings. The whole is tenon and pegged throughout.

All linings and drawer linings oak and original and extremely substantial. A few old worm holes here and there, long since dead, and minor replacements. Some internal runners/slides partially and professionally restored.

All boards including bottom boards to back and to upper and lower case original and present. The colour is particularly good, the finish original, and the chest is very robust. The drawers open and close smoothly.