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Rare and Enchanting 18th Century Irish Dug Out Chair dated 1757

An extremely rare dug out chair, probably Irish, of a rarely seen form and dated to front rail 1757 (and inside carved with the date 1756)
33 inches high, 23 inches wide max at the feet, 23 inches deep max.

From floor to top of seat pad is 19.5 inches.

For metric please multiply by 2.5
Full Description
Superbly decorated to every inch of the surface with hand carved flowers and foliage, grasses and petals reflecting the forest in which the tree once stood.

The chair has a fairy-like quality and instinctively I feel it was created for the love of the maker's life and can imagine the 'ta-da' moment when presenting it - a year of work.

Such a depth of skill and imagination to include, carved within the solid tree trunk, a pair of fine cabriole legs on eagle claw and ball feet to reflect fine furniture fashions of the day.

Beneath the skirt retaining all four of the original small brass casters and some of the original painted finish. The chair with minor dings, losses and a couple of small repairs to the inner unseen face which are not visible and entirely right for age.

Comfortable and robust, the chair was made to have a shaped padded seat rather than a hard board and has a projecting band of wood around the insideframe which supports this. The seat pad is newly upholstered in a thick pure silk with a forest theme.

Completely honest and utterly enchanting, a truly rare and wonderful thing.