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Small James I Oak Standing Cupboard Dated 1619

This handsome, heavy and early oak cupboard has a very attractive colour and deep patina
51 inches wide, 23 inches deep and 66 inches high.

For metric please multiply by 2.5
Full Description
Standing cupboards are a smaller and less often seen variation of the larger press cupboard (frequently called court cupboards). Presses are wider with two doors to upper case over two doors to the lower case and usually these dismantle into two parts, whereas standing cupboards are made in one piece and are narrow by comparison.

The carving is deliberately to the upper section only - at eye level where it can be seen and appreciated. The carving is original with attractive running guilloches to the muntin, the door panels decorated with flower head roundels set within leaf carved losenges, flanked by leaf carved borders.

Lovely elongated and turned drop finials and the cupboard is carved to the centre of the frieze with the date 1619

The oak is so old that the stiles in each corners have curved a little - movement at a snail's pace over four centuries and a most attractive feature - not affecting structure in any way and the whole cupboard is as solid a rock and exceptionally heavy.

Peg jointed throughout, the original iron strap hinges have been replaced with iron axehead hinges and the handles and thumb turns are also 19th century. Backboards and top boards are substantial and very old, nailed up and solid oak but are in my view later.

There are lots of dings, marks and a smattering of old worm holes (long dead) as you would expect to find with a 400 year old cupboard - all part of its great charm and long history.

The interior has been fitted with solid pine shelves.

This is a very rare little cupboard made in the reign of James I of England/James VI of Scotland who ascended to the throne after the death of Elizabeth I in 1603. It has survived wars, housemoves, insects and generation after generation has used, cared for and enjoyed it - if it could only speak!