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Suffragette Gold Necklace of Saphhires, Peridot, Amethyst, c. 1910

A very fine, elegant and extremely rare necklace
Length of necklace: 23 inches

Weight of necklace: 20g
Full Description

An absolutely beautiful necklace c. 1910 strung with natural sapphires ranging from sea blue hue to pale cornflower and skilfully set with round and teardrop shaped natural gemstones including 6.5 carats of Amethyst, 6.5 carats of Citrine, 4.8 carats of Peridot, 6 carats of pure clear Topaz and 5.6 carats of deep red garnets all set in 9kt gold chambers and linked on a 9 kt Gold intricate chain.

These colours were adopted by the British Suffragettes and worn in jewellery both by these women and by those who supported the movement. The National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies adopted Red, White and Green and the WSPU used clear/white, purple and green. When protesting and marching Suffragettes usually also wore white.

These became the symbolic colours of the cause to gain women the Vote in Britain and in much of Europe the same colours were used by women demanding the Vote

Purple to represent the Royal blood that flowed through the veins of every Suffragette and her instinct for dignity and freedom. Clear for purity in both personal and public life, green for spring and hope.

The necklace is accompanied by a valuation certificate from the WGI confirming the above and that the gemstones are natural in colour and without heat treatment.  The necklace is valued by WGI at £3,200 and the overall weight of the necklace as 29.55 grams

A very fine, elegant and rare necklace – the delicacy and skill in the making is really wonderful. In superb original condition and a lovely and comfortable necklace to wear.