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Unique and Interesting Georgian Teak Ship's Table c. 1800

53.5 inches long, 19 inches wide at the base and 14 inches wide at the top when leaves are down. 31.5 inches wide when leaves are open. 29.5 inches high.

For metric please multiply by 2.5
Full Description
A most interesting and unusual solid teak table designed to be bolted to a wooden deck and made of solid teak. The legs united by a substantial ring and bulb turned stretcher and the top with two hinged drop leaves which extend on iron flies. When closed the flies fold into recesses within the sub-frame of the table. The top with thickly cast solid brass straps which allow the table to pivot and with heavy solid brass pendulums which enable the table to be fixed at a variety of angles or to swing freely on the pivots, presumably to level the table in heavy seas. The table can be turned fully over to reveal an open box compartment below and the whole can be unbolted and dismantled so appears to have been designed to for easy and quick transportation.

Teak is a very weatherproof and hardy timber and here it has developed an excellent colour. The table is extremely heavy and the brass weights add to its stability and functionality and are most attractive.

A very unusual piece of furniture, can be fixed level and used as a normal table and it stands well balanced and firm without the need to be bolted down.